Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

Purchase The Carrifran Wildwood Story

The Carrifran Wildwood Story, now £10 plus £5 p&p

Price now £10 plus £5 p&p

You can demonstrate your support for Carrifran Wildwood by purchasing a copy of The Carrifran Wildwood Story: Ecological Restoration from the Grass Roots by Myrtle & Philip Ashmole, with members of the Wildwood Group (for £10 plus £5 p&p). The book was previously shortlisted for the Robin Jenkins Literary Award, the UK’s first environmental book award.

The Carrifran Wildwood Story is the real-life account of a group of individuals, initially based around Peebles, determined to bring one valley in the Southern Uplands of Scotland back to the type of wildwood that would have existed there 6000 years ago. It takes the reader on a journey from the birth of the idea through the search for a site, the purchase – by public donations – and the the highs and lows of this unique co-operative enterprise over the first ten years in the life of the developing wildwood.

The book has been written, illustrated and produced by volunteers and no contributor has been paid.
You can buy the book online via the Borders Forest Trust website . All profits from book sales will go toward future work at Carrifran.

Here are some quotes about the book:

“Today, after fifteen years, the once bare slopes of Carrifran are dotted and striped with young trees which, judging by the photographs in this well-illustrated book, any stranger might assume to be enitrely natural…The message – that land can be restored by people without millionaires or state bureaucracies – will surely give hope to would-be Carrifranners everywhere.” British Wildlife.

“Photographs of stunning quality and variety appear on almost every page adding to the delight of reading a chapter or browsing through the pages…The text is a glorious combination of prose, poetry and pictures.” BSS News.

“…anyone who reads this book will be won over by the particpants’ enthusiasm and impressed by their lively sketches of the history, plants and animals of southern Scottish Uplands.” Geographical Reviews.

“Wildlife conservation projects are widely reported in many journals today but few can claim the level of dedication and success reported in this remarkable book.” Biological Conservation.

“The project, achieved mostly through voluntary effort, is a superb example of practical conservation and can-do attitude.” Scottish Wildlife.

“The main aim of the project was the ecological restoration of this piece of upland Britain, but the Wildwood Group who steered the project also wanted it to be an inspiration and a model for other projects…The book plays a central role in this aim by recording the process and showing how a brilliant idea has become reality.” ECOS.

“To say that you have read a book cover-to-cover at a single session is quite an endorsement of the quality of the story…The Group’s expertise in the gamut of aspects relating to woodland creation is probably unique and it has meant that the care and attention to detail in the wood’s creation is unsurpassed.” Scottish Birds.

“Lavishly illustrated, superbly designed and very well written, this exceptional
book lays bare one of the most important nature conservation projects in the UK.” BES Bulletin.

“This is an epic tale…A flick through the book will show that every page has something of interest…In addition to the text, the book has a mass of maps, photographs, drawings of the wildlife in and around Carrifran, and cartoons…All of these are of very high quality.” Scottish Forestry.

“An inspirational book on a unique and thoroughly worthwhile project.” A judge for the Robin Jenkins Literary Award.