Carrifran valley (image by David Geddes)

Volunteer planting days

Volunteers have played a major part in the ecological restoration of Carrifran, planting well over 50,000 trees and carrying out many other essential tasks. For the first ten years after the purchase of the valley, members of the public came to plant trees and do other work in the glen almost every month. Supervision was provided by our Project Officer, supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

We have now reduced the number of weekend volunteer days and are focusing the effort mainly on weekends when an organised group is coming and when we can also welcome and provide support for individuals and families.

If you are a leader or member of a group that might like to come and work at Carrifran for a day or a weekend, please contact us or telephone BFT on 01835 830750. In case of difficulty, please email Philip Ashmole.

If you are a private individual you will be most welcome if you turn up at the Carrifran car park at 10.00 on one of the days that we post on this site or list in other places. For further information on dates, download the volunteer calendar.

Anyone who is free to work fairly regularly in the valley on Tuesdays should refer to the Tuesday volunteers page.

If you are driving to Carrifran, download directions to the car park.

The Carrifran Wildwood Google Group often has late news about volunteering at Carrifran.

Please note:

Some tools will be provided, but bring your favourite spade if convenient. Some of the planting is on steep rocky slopes and may involve a substantial walk and burn crossings, but there are always other things to do closer to the road.

Dogs can cause disturbance to wildlife, so if you have to bring a dog when you come to Carrifran as a volunteer, please keep it under close control. In the bird breeding season, from April to July, dogs should be kept on a short lead at all times to ensure that they do not harm ground-nesting species.

Remember to come in appropriate wet weather/fleeced clothing and bring a pair of heavy waterproof gardening gloves to protect your hands. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt are definitely not sufficient for your comfort or safety!

We also strongly advise walking boots as parts of the site are very slippery. Finally, remember to bring your lunch and a drink.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the first instance. In case of difficulty, email Philip Ashmole.